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The role of national identity in enhancing a brand

16th September: In the latest analysis of the Scottish Brands Index results, this week we look at the element which distinguishes our approach from other brand evaluation measures – the contribution of each brand to the image of Scotland. More details by clicking on the link below


‘The Ultimate Question’ - what role should NPS play in brand evaluation?

9th September: In the latest analysis of the Scottish Brands Index results, this week we consider advocacy and loyalty with a focus on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) approach. We take a slightly different tack from usual, considering some of the criticism levelled at this well-known metric and reflecting on its appropriateness for measuring Scottish brands. More details by clicking below.


In uncertain times, what does the future have in store for our Scottish brands?

4th September: In these uncertain times, levels of economic confidence amongst both consumers and businesses are at levels not seen since the 2007 to 2009 recession. In the latest in the series of our Scottish Brands Index reports, we sought to find out whether these economic concerns were reflected in Scottish consumer views on the prospects for Scottish brands. More details by clicking below.


Scots much more likely to buy products branded ’Scottish’ rather than ‘British’

2nd September: Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight 2019 is taking place right now showcasing and supporting the companies, brands and people who are championing Scotland’s larder. But how important is it that Scottish food and drinks are branded as ‘Scottish’? We’ve just spoken to a representative sample of Scots - and the results make interesting reading……


It’s not just about talking the talk…..

26th August: Brand owners may feel they have carefully crafted what their brand represents. However, this image may be more reflective of their aspirations for the brand, rather than the reality of public opinion. Brand perception is owned by consumers, not brands. This week we look at awareness, perceived performance and the extent to which our Scottish brands connect with consumers. More details by clicking below

innovation PR image.png

Can innovation make the difference between surviving and thriving?

19th August: It can be a struggle for businesses to survive in the current challenging economic environment. However, those brands who are able to respond to their changing circumstances and remain relevant and valuable by innovating their offer are the most likely to thrive. How do Scots feel our own brands are performing? More details by clicking below

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Monitoring Trust in our Scottish brands

12th August 2019: Steve Jobs once famously declared that ‘A brand is simply trust’. Trust is one of the measures in the Scottish Brands Index, and we begin our analysis of Scotland’s brands by looking at how each performs in terms of consumer trust. More details by clicking below

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56 Degree Insight Scottish Brands Index

6th August 2019: We have been interviewing 2,000 Scots adults to get their views and opinions on 16 iconic Scottish consumer facing brands. We’ll be releasing the results over the next few weeks - find out more here:


Overtourism - killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

29th July 2019: with the main summer holidays over for each of the 56 Degree Insight team, Jim Eccleston reflects on the increasing problems of over tourism in the Greek Islands - what lessons can be learned from elsewhere?


Extending the 56 Degree Insight Offer:
Data Science: going beyond the traditional

1st July 2019: 56DI associate, Preriit Souda is one of the UK’s foremost exponents of bringing ‘big data’ and other non-survey data into the world of research and insights, adding considerable value to research beyond the traditional survey approaches. Just click below…

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56 Degree Insight:
Launch Week - 17-21 June 2019

17-21 June 2019: To celebrate our first week in full operation, we released a series of short points of view each day on the things that matter to us in each of our key sectors. All are recorded for posterity on a specially created page on our website. Just click below…..


Extending the 56 Degree Insight Offer:
Making the most of Mystery Shopping

11th June 2019: We have close links with a number of associates across the UK - methodological experts in key areas. Clive Nicolaou (and his company Service Science) has built his career on world class Mystery Shopping. Find out more about this scientific art here…..


Getting Behind Scotland’s Culture Club

3rd June 2019: With the development of a Culture Strategy for Scotland, never has it been more important for everyone working in the creative sector to know their audiences. Read more below….


Brand & Comms - Making Sense of the Complexity

16th May 2019: Never have the opportunities to reach customers been greater - but equally, never have they been so complex. Here we explore the issues marketeers have to address to make their comms as effective as possible…


Tourism - Where next for the UK tourism industry? 

7th May 2019: Here we look at the latest annual statistics on UK tourism and pose the question regarding what 2019 and beyond holds. Rarely has there been so much uncertainty around the immediate future of UK tourism….


Nature - Time to put words into action 

23rd April 2019: How can insights support the changes needed to tackle the climate emergency? We provide our views - how much do we all really care? Read on about the value-action gap


Customer Experience Measurement - going beyond the basics

15th April 2019: We provide our views on an area which crosses all industries and one where we have a lot of past experience - Customer Experience Research. What makes a good CEX programme - we believe there are three fundamentals that separate the wheat from the chaff.....


Food & Drink - Consumer Insights that hit the Sweet Spot

8th April 2019: Remember all of the noise last year as the recipe for IRN-BRU was changed to meet the new Sugar Tax regulations? Here we bring some research findings into the discussion......


Tourism - How do we manage the increasing complexity of consumer behaviour in the travel & tourism industries?

31st March 2019: An area very close to our hearts. How is the increasing complexity of the tourism landscape making the prediction of consumer behaviour ever more challenging?


Sport - A ‘good news’ story - the Scottish Women’s game

24th March 2019: There's a lot of doom and gloom around Scottish football just now, but where we have many reasons to be optimistic is the Women's game. Here we talk about the growing interest in women's football.


Energy - the challenges of operating in a low engagement sector

17th March 2019: Our energy companies continually struggle to enthuse their customer bases and drive up engagement. What can the ‘Big Six’ learn from the ‘new kids on the block’?


Nature - kids love nature, but how much of a risk is ‘screen time’?

11th March 2019: Kids spend more time enjoying the great outdoors than any other group - but there have been recent declines - could the rise of competing activities such as online gaming be a factor?


The ‘Scottish Tourist Board’ turns 50!


1st June 2019: 50 years ago today, the 1969 Development of Tourism Act led to the creation of the National Tourist Boards - including the Scottish Tourist Board. 56DI partner, Jim Eccleston describes his time there as the 8 best years of his work life - and 56DI co-partner Duncan Stewart also worked there as a student placement. They have both worked together under different guises ever since - but their time at STB set the bar high!

Today, it was their absolute pleasure to meet up with 150 other ex Tourist Board and ATB network employees at Herriot Watt University Campus. Some wonderful colleagues and friends - and so many happy memories of times before the Internet and email turned everything so manic. 

25 years ago, the STB research team posed for a picture in the Research Library. 25 years on - and they all claim they haven’t changed one bit (Jim Eccleston, Duncan Stewart, Libby Buet and Brian Hay)

What a great afternoon #STB #ScotlandsForMe #WildMountainThyme