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What’s happening in Food And Drink?

The food and drink manufacturing and retailing sectors continue to face many challenges for the future.  Food and drink producers operate in times of unprecedented change. Britain’s future within Europe and Scotland’s future within the UK could impact on trade, consumer needs are becoming more sophisticated and levels of government regulation are on the rise.

Meanwhile, the food and drink, retail and out of home dining markets face disruption on several levels, from the rise of supermarket discounters to the increasing challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of digital brands like Just Eat and Deliveroo.

With clear market insights, food and drink businesses can navigate this changing environment, to identify opportunities to grow, potentially leveraging the unique strengths that Scottish brands can offer such as local provenance, authenticity, quality, heritage and health benefits. 

How we can help

We can support the growth of Scottish food and drink businesses in many ways:

Market measurement - population usage and attitude studies provide a simple way to measure awareness, usage and potential interest for your brand. The omnibus surveys we offer can measure your brand’s competitive position within Scotland, the UK or further afield, at an affordable price.

Reaching target customer groups – with access to large online consumer panels we can reach your target consumers, whether that is current users or considerers or members of specific target demographics. We can provide you with insights on their unique behaviours and attitudes and reactions to new concepts.

• In depth innovation and concept testing – using in depth approaches we can support you through the product development process from initial idea generation to pre-launch fine tuning.

• Brand and communications testing and tracking – helping you to get communications right, from pre-testing of creatives to tracking the effectiveness of activities in driving sales and brand building.

Customer experience – helping retailers and hospitality businesses to understand what drives customer experience and how they can drive loyalty and advocacy.

Food & Drink clients we have worked with……..

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