Our First Week - 17th-21st June 2019


56 Degree Insight is now LIVE!!

To celebrate our first week, we will be releasing a series of thoughts and points of view throughout the week. And, reflecting the fresh and new perspectives we hope to provide, we will look at changes, developments and trends in the sectors we care about.

Monday 1.JPG

Monday 17th June:

A welcome from the 56 Degree insight team - and news of an exciting self-funded study all about Scottish brands which we’ll be publishing soon

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Tuesday 18th June:

This morning, we look at the strong connections between those who love the outdoors and the positive benefits on health and wellbeing

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Wednesday 19th June:
Food & Drink

Happy Wednesday Morning! Today, we’ll take a look at the rise in popularity of low alcohol beers - driven by the influence of Millennials

Thursday 1.JPG

Thursday 20th June:

This morning we’ll take a look at changes in our transport patterns - and the continued increases in rail travel.

Friday 1.JPG

Friday 21st June:
Scottish Consumers

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab! Making Oor Wullie relevant in 2019 - the modernisation of a Scottish icon - and a fantastic nationwide culture project…..

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Monday 17th June

We look at the potential offered by the expansion in Chinese tourism - but the challenges ahead for the Scottish tourism industry if this potential is to be realised

Tuesday 2.JPG

Tuesday 18th June

And for our afternoon blog, read about the largest battery in the UK - and how it will help ensure energy can be delivered consistently from renewables

Wednesday 2.JPG

Wednesday 19th June:

Not so much a ‘point of view’, but a message of support this afternoon from the 56DI team to the Scottish Women’s football team as they face Argentina - Come on Scotland, we can do it!

Thursday 2.JPG

Thursday 20th June:

The growth in the film production industry in Scotland is also reflected by increases in cinema going - read on for more insights.

Friday 2.JPG

Friday 21st June:
Reflections of the week

It’s been a busy old week for us at 56 Degree Insight - but really just the start of our journey. Read some of the common themes which emerged here….