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What’s happening in the Travel Sector?

Although, on the face of it, the travel and transport industries have not changed much over the years (we still use buses, trams and cars for our commutes, we still fly to overseas destinations), in reality, there have been many changes in this sector over recent years.  Mobile ticketing, cashless travel, the evolution of budget airlines to provide offers that match the traditional flag carriers –
the examples are many and varied. 

Increasing environmental awareness and concerns have also driven changes in consumer preference as well as behaviour.  There is an increasing willingness for the commuter to leave their car at home – but only if the alternative public sector transport options are appealing in terms of time and costs. And of course, one of the outcomes is often overcrowded bus and rail travel.  There are many push and pull factors at play – from congestion charges to proposed workplace parking taxes in Scotland. And for longer distance travel – be it for business or holidays, legislative changes around airport landing taxes, fuel charges etc. as well as problems on the rail networks, lack of transparency around rail ticketing - all have an impact on the preferred choice of the traveller.

It is therefore important that transport operators are on top off these changing behaviours and needs of their passengers – and can evolve their businesses appropriately.  Across travel which ever mode, providing the customer experience demanded by an increasingly sophisticated audience, can be a challenge to say the least. 56 Degree Insight are here to help.

How we can help

The team at 56 Degree Insight have worked with many transport operators over the years to help address a whole plethora of business needs and issues.  We can help you in the following areas:

• Measuring and helping improve the travel experience of your customers.

• Understanding what matters on the customer journey.

• Helping transport operators to develop a brand which competes strongly and can gain an edge in such a competitive market.

• Supporting communications development from advertising to online and apps to print.

• Understanding the profile and needs of travellers and how to optimise repeat purchase and make you the preferred choice.

Travel & transport clients we have worked with……..

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