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6th August 2019:
A new evaluation of Scottish brands

Over the last few weeks, we have been interviewing 2,000 Scots about a range of iconic, consumer-facing Scottish brands. And we are now excited to launch a new measure of Scottish-based brands which adds a distinct Scottish flavour to brand evaluation – the 56 Degree Insight Scottish Brands Index. From next Monday, every week, during August and September, we will be revealing how Scottish brands have performed in relation to a number of drivers of brand performance – in the eyes of the Scottish public. More details by clicking below

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12th August 2019:
Monitoring Trust in our Scottish brands

Steve Jobs once famously declared that ‘A brand is simply trust’. In some ways that maybe over simplifies reality for many brands, but there is no doubt that where there is real trust, brands have a greater chance of success and growth. Trust is one of the measures in the Scottish Brands Index, and we begin our analysis of Scotland’s brands by looking at how each performs in terms of consumer trust. More details by clicking below

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19th August 2019:
Can innovation make the difference between surviving and thriving?

It can be a struggle for businesses to survive in the current challenging economic environment. However, those brands who are able to respond to their changing circumstances and remain relevant and valuable to consumers, by innovating their offer are the most likely to thrive. How do Scots feel our own brands are performing? More details by clicking below


26th August 2019:
It’s not just about talking the talk…..

Brand owners may feel they have carefully crafted what their brand represents. However, this image may be more reflective of their aspirations for the brand, rather than the reality of public opinion. Brand perception is owned by consumers, not brands. This week we look at awareness, perceived performance and the extent to which our Scottish brands connect with consumers. More details by clicking below

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4th September 2019:
In uncertain times, what does the future have in store for our Scottish brands?

In these uncertain times, levels of economic confidence amongst both consumers and businesses are at levels not seen since the 2007 to 2009 recession. In the latest in the series of our Scottish Brands Index reports, we sought to find out whether these economic concerns were reflected in Scottish consumer views on the prospects for Scottish brands. More details by clicking below.

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9th September 2019:
‘The Ultimate Question’ - what role should NPS play in brand evaluation?

In the latest analysis of the Scottish Brands Index results, this week we consider advocacy and loyalty with a focus on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) approach. We take a slightly different tack from usual, considering some of the criticism levelled at this well-known metric and reflecting on its appropriateness for measuring Scottish brands. More details by clicking below.


16th September 2019:
The role of national identity in enhancing a brand

In the latest analysis of the Scottish Brands Index results, this week we look at the element which distinguishes our approach from other brand evaluation measures – the contribution of each brand to the image of Scotland. More details by clicking below.

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23rd September 2019:
Which brand is the inaugural 56DI Scottish Brand of the Year, 2019?

The analysis has been completed and the results are in! Which of our 16 Scottish brands comes top across measures from Trust to Performance, Innovation to Future Prospects and Advocacy to Scottishness? Find out by following the link below.