6th August 2019:
A new evaluation of Scottish Brands


When 56 Degree Insight launched in mid June, we mentioned that this would be followed soon with news of our new survey of Scottish brands.  Over the last few weeks, fieldwork has been completing and we are now at the point when we can begin to share the results from our survey which includes 16 iconic Scottish brands - the 2019 56DI Scottish Brands Index survey.  This will be an annual survey which adds a Scottish flavour to brand evaluation – a unique addition to the Scottish marketplace.  Details are provided below – and from next week, we will be releasing results, beginning with one of the key measures – how much do the Scottish population trust each of these brands….

There are a range of excellent measures out there which evaluate brand performance across a range of well-established metrics.  We have created the 56 Degree Insight Scottish Brands Index to provide a more Scottish perspective to brand evaluation.  We are focusing exclusively on 16 iconic consumer-facing Scottish brands – all ‘Scottish’ in their origins and/or their focus.

The list of brands is not exhaustive – we could not cover an open-ended number of brands in the survey – but is designed to provide coverage across a range of sectors and industries from food & drink, to transport to sport, banking and utilities (see below). 

SBI Brands.JPG

We spoke to over 2,000 Scots during June and July using the only face-to-face omnibus survey available in Scotland, Kantar’s Scottish Opinion Survey to which the 56DI team have direct access. The survey is nationally representative, and so the results can be taken as indicative of the views of the Scottish population.

For each brand, we asked seven key questions:

  • Levels of awareness of the brand

  • Perceived performance of the brand – and why

  • Levels of trust in the brand

  • The extent to which the brand is innovative/future focused

  • The brand’s prospects for future success

  • How well the brand represents Scotland

  • Likelihood to recommend the brand

Every week during August and September we will be revealing how Scottish brands have performed in relation to the above questions.  And, of course, this will lead up to the big reveal – which of these 16 brands comes out on top in the 56DI Scottish Brands Index?

We begin next week by looking at Trust.  So much recent research has shown that the levels of trust people have in a brand is a key driver of its reputation – itself, a primary driver of business success and growth.

To find out more in the meantime, as always, please just get in touch!